Foggy Mornings

Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Fog in one's spritual life need be no more lasting than that in nature. "It will burn off before long." How often weather-wise people say this when the gray mists of the sea-shore depress the hearts that were longing for a bright day; and so it proves. A glow of silver in the sky near the sun, a thinning out here and there of the vapory shroud; glimpses of blue, clean outlining and swift sailing away of the clouds, and the fine clear day is here long before noon.

We might oftener save ourselves from heavy hearts and gloomy faces, when early morning shows gray in our lives, or [in] other lives about us. Mists are left over from a storm yesterday. The day closed on misunderstanding. The morning is foggy and depressing. Why talk about it?

Let the weather alone. Fog is shallow. It will burn off before long. There is a good warm sun of love at work, and the blue sky will soon be over us.

Taken from
Thoughts For Everyday Living Copyright © 1911, Charles Scribner's Sons, N.Y., N.Y.