The outcome of the stress test devised by, aeronautical engineer, Bud Goldstone meant life or death for the magnificent Towers of Simon Rodia.  And since the final, and most crucial, testing of the aeronautical engineers' aircraft designs rests with the men and women who risk their lives called test pilots, their story, as told in the accompanying digital documentary video wOoDeN sHiPZ and tHe biG rABbiT, is somewhat more than 'tangentially' related to this one.*

    wOoDeN sHiPZ and tHe biG rABbiT contains exciting clips of pilot (and co-pilot) courage and daring in various aviation test environments. It features but a few of the many dangers braved by test pilots in order to perfect the aircraft that are ultimately called 'very safe' and (oftentimes to the sorrow of our great world) those that are ultimately called 'very lethal.'

    The accompaniment, Wooden Ships, is said to have been first recorded by David Crosby in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War.  Very much like Simon Rodia, the artists of that time seemed more involved with creation than with documentation or accummulation.  This version of our 'journalistic enhancement' was more recently recorded by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Click image for Digital Documentary Video.

 * The above photo was provided by Colonel Mark Charles Dickerson, USAF Test Pilot (Retired)