Wheat and Grapes

  • A three dimensional mirror reflection.
  • The one on the left was a mold.
  • The one on the right was imprinted.


The Oven

  • Rodia melted glass and pottery and other embellishments prior to mounting them on the structures.
  • He cooled the glass, tile and other objects he 'fired' on these four racks.
  • It is said that Simon also baked bread in this oven.
  • He cooled the loaves in these racks.

The Perfect Imprint

  • Simon brought home broken tiles from his work.
  • The glass he collected from the tracks near his home.
  • He paid children a 'penny a plate' for broken dishes.
  • But the perfect imprints on the walls surrounding the Towers...
  • How did you make them Simon?  How?

  The Gazebo and Chimney Hearts and Towers