Ship of Marco Polo
  • The first structure built on the property by Rodia.
  • Located at the far eastern tip of the 'triangular' property at 1765 107th Street in Watts.
  • The first structure to be fully restored by Los Angeles Cultural Affairs.

The Giglio Festival

  • The festival originated about 800 AD in the village of Nola, a village not far from the village of Ribottuli where Simon Rodia was born and raised.
  • Giant towers and a giant boat feature prominently in the festival as it is traditionally celebrated.
  • The Ship of Marco Polo is almost an exact replica of the giant one built for the festival in Nola.
  • The Towers closely resemble those built in celebrating the festival.
  • To this day the Giglio Festival the "Festival of the Lillies" is celebrated throughout Southern Italy.
  • Did Rodia see the giant Towers and ship in the Great Giglio Festival in Nola?


Rodia's Decorated Floor Space
  • Over 1700 square feet.
  • Thousands of impressions.
  • Hearts, the back of an ice cream chair, a carpet beater, floor furnace heater grates.
  • The list goes on and on...

  Hearts and Towers The South Wall