• Funded Conservatioon of the Towers of Simon Rodia in Watts is ongoing
  • Work recently done on chimney and fireplace of what was once the Rodia home is complete
  • What you se here is a before shot...
  • Visit us and take a look at the work done to date on this area of the structures...
  • ...if you haven't already seen it!

  • The mortar and embellishments of the Towers are preserved.
  • Methods of adhesion and waterproofing are up to date and ongoing.
  • After rainstorms, earthquakes or high winds Towers conservation teams survey and repair damage.
  • Areas of moisture after the rain indicate that water is getting inside somewhere and that repairs must be initiated.

Retrieve / Repair / Reattach
  • The Towers were designed by Rodia to give whenever they have to.
  • Though the structural integrity of the Towers is unaffected after high winds and earthquakes, either glass, pottery or tileembellishments sometimes fall off.
  • First they must be retrieved and cataloged.
  • Retrieval and Catalog requires several forms and levels of documentation.
  • They must be reassembled because generally they break.
  • They must then reattached after the place where they came from has been located.

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