Simon's Three Towers

  • The tallest tower is 99 feet 6 inches high, the next tallest is 97 feet 10 inches, the shortest is 55 feet high.
  • Together they contain almost 5,000 joints.
  • There are more than 150 horizontal bands (external loops)
  • There are more than 50 external columns.


Construction Method
  • Based on the triangle, "Nature's Building Block".
  • Simon tied the reinforcements together with copper wire.
  • He worked without scaffolding or ladders using the Towers themselves as his support.
  • The glass is in many cases broken green 7Up bottles; sometimes blue of Milk of Magnesia bottles.
  • The work took 33 years to complete.

The West Tower
  • It rises 99 feet 6 inches into the air.
  • There are 16 external vertical columns.

Our Town

  • The Towers stood on their own for over a decade with no protective fence surrounding them other than the one Simon built.
  • "Nuestro Pueblo" means "Our Town" in Spanish.
  • We see it imprinted or embossed or written in tiles or glass in many places on the Towers.
  • It is also found on the North and South Walls of Simon Rodia's triangular property.


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